When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it’s a devastating blow.
ZumZum provides support for any young person in Israel under the age of 25 living with cancer, as well as their parents and siblings.
When it’s a child,
it’s even more devastating.
In the UK, we have adopted the nickname, ZumZum, that the children have for the Israeli charity, Zichron Menachem. Every day we provide support, distraction and fun for hundreds of children with cancer, and their families, in Israel.

ZumZum provides the support from Day 1 all the way through to (hopefully) the all-clear.

Menachem was a boy who suffered from leukaemia from the age of 2, losing his brave fight at the age of 15. His parents, Chaim and Miri Ehrental, set up Zichron Menachem in 1990 so that they could support other young people and their families going through what they had been through.

That’s support, not just for the patient, but for all their family too.

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Because, when a child gets cancer, their whole family’s world gets turned upside down.

From the start, Chaim and Miri understood that care must be taken of the whole family, because cancer hits the whole family. From 1990, we have supported an incredible 35,874 children, and we are Israel’s leading provider of support services to children with cancer and their families.
To provide the counselling and support from people who have been through what they’re going through.

To provide fun and diversion – who wants to be thinking about cancer all the time?

Every day at our House of Dreams centre in Jerusalem, children with cancer get a chance to make up on their missed studies as well as play, laugh and heal. We also run 3 major camps a year, in Israel and abroad, taking more than 100 children each time. And at hospitals across Israel, our volunteers give children receiving cancer treatment a break from pain and boredom, with ice cream sundaes and sushi, and much-needed personal attention.

We give each child everything they need to have the greatest psychological and emotional resilience

With your help, we give them the best possible chance.